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The Malaya Study Group exists for collectors of the stamps, postal stationery and postal history of the states of Peninsular Malaysia which until 1963 formed the Federation of Malaya, including the Straits Settlements of Malacca, Penang and Singapore, the Federated Malay States, Negri Sembilan and Sungei Ujong, Pahang, Perak and Selangor and the Unfederated States, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis and Trengganu.The Society has a JOURNAL, "The Malayan Philatelist" and a NEWSLETTER supplied free to members, EXCHANGE PACKETS, AUCTIONS and has produced a number of significant PUBLICATIONS on the stamps and postal history of the area.


Postal Stationery & Revenues MSG Auction Saturday October 18th 2014
Postal bids should be made on the form included in the printed catalogue and included in the pdf file below and sent to the auctioneer.
Note: closing date for postal and email bids is Thursday 16th October 2014 16.00 GMT.
Always include your name & address on e mails. In the event of equal bids, the first received will prevail so please bid early. Fuller terms are described on the Catalogue front page.


PLEASE MAKE Postal Bids IN THE USUAL WAY by posting them to the TO THE AUCTIONEER.

Bids both postal and email should be sent to Carl Stott
Mr. C. Stott, 12 Martingale Rd, Billericay, CM11 1SG U.K.
E mail to carlrstott@aol.com

(it is essential that you put your name & full postal address with bids sent by e mail).
Scans of bid form are preferred but please use at least 150 dpi for legibility

The Catalogue Pdf

Pictures of the Lots -
There are Pdf's of some lots, and Zip files containing many other lots. The zip files contain large hig quality scans of the lots. Because the images are large, these zip files may take a few minutes to download, depending on your system, and internet connection.
In the case of the Zip files we have also included Slideshows of the contents of the Zip files. These Slideshows run for approx 1 minute each, but take a few minutes to download, and are an easy way to see the lots - at this time the slideshows do not show the Lot numbers - heigh ho.

NB PRINT the pdf documents by clicking on the Printer symbol, top left side, WITHIN the pdf

Printing from the File..Print option can  sometimes give unpredictable results

Larger image Pdf's

Pdf: P.Stationery Postcards, Lots 3,7,10,18,22,23,31,34

Pdf: P.Stationery Postcards lots 64, 71,153,173,152,260,261

Pdf: Revenue Stamps, lots 404,451,419, 406, 452, 456, 457, 468, 490, 402, 407, 461, 420

Pdf of Revenue Lots 402,404,406.407,408,416,419,420,427,433,438,442,443,445,





Smaller image Pdf's

Pdf of Postal Stationery lots 3, 7,10,18,22,23,25,31,34,64,71,79,80,81,89,137,152,

Pdf of Postal Stationery lots 2,5,6,14,20,26,27,30,32,56,57,62,74,87,88,90,91,98

Pdf of Postal Stationery lots 109,122,134,143,144,145,150,165,167

Pdf of Postal Stationery lots



Zip files and slideshows

There are many large pictures with excellent detail in the Zip files. It is recommended to 'open ' the download of the files in your browser, so you see all the file names - as the Lot numbers are in the file names!

Click on the lot you want to see, and it will open in whatever software you use to view pictures. Irfan view, a free viewer, is excellent.

If you have software installed which can handle Slideshows, then you will be able to see the Slideshows! Typical ones are photohandling software, Div1, etc.

Zip file of 42 Postal Stationery images Lots 2,5,6,14,20,26,27,30,32,56,57,62,74,87,88,90,91,98, 109,122,134,143,144,145,150,154,165,167, 208,209,220,226,233,234,241,250,264,271,276,284,295,326

Slideshow of the 42 Postal Stationery lots 2 - 326


Zip file of 24 Postal Stationery images Lots 3,7,10,18, 22,23,25,31,34,64,71,79,80,81,89,137,152,155,173,260,261,304,345,355

Slideshow of the 24 Postal Stationery lots 3 - 355


Zip file of 39 Revenue Stamp & document images, Lots 402,404,406,407,408,416,419,420,427,428,433,436,438,442,443,445, 450,451,452,456,457,458,459,461,463,465,466,467,468,469, 470,475,481,482,484,490,493,495,499

Slideshow of the 39 Revenue lots 402 - 499


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