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The Malaya Study Group exists for collectors of the stamps, postal stationery and postal history of the states of Peninsular Malaysia which until 1963 formed the Federation of Malaya, including the Straits Settlements of Malacca, Penang and Singapore, the Federated Malay States, Negri Sembilan and Sungei Ujong, Pahang, Perak and Selangor and the Unfederated States, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis and Trengganu. Many MSG members also collect & study all of modern Malaysia, Singapore, and the island of Borneo, comprising additionally  Sabah, Sarawak, Borneo, Labuan, and the states of Brunei & the peninsular state of Singapore. Study of the whole area so often adds to understanding and appreciation of the philately of Malaya. The Society has a JOURNAL, "The Malayan Philatelist" and a NEWSLETTER supplied free to members, EXCHANGE PACKETS, AUCTIONS and has produced a number of significant PUBLICATIONS on the stamps and postal history of the area.

January 16th 2016 - Spink London, Members Displays - Perak

Pictures by Nick Hackney , Report by Dominic Morris


Report on MSG Members’ Displays on Perak 16 January 2016

[The report extract below only goes as far as the first Round.

The very much fuller report is on the Members Only Area. Any MSG Member can join the MSG Members area, just go to the MSG area on the Website]

On a cold day and in cold Spink offices (the heating was turned off for the weekend:

Members’ scarves were the ‘must have’ survival accessories) 16 Members turned out. We had a full afternoon’s display of 4 Rounds.

Round One was opened by 6 frames from Gordon Peters.

He showed: bogus overprints of ‘3 cents’ and ‘5 cents’ in red on Straits 1892 1c and 8c stamps;

the first definitive issue of 1892, including three plate proofs, plate numbers,

specimens and part panes. These were followed by the 1895 ‘Postage and Revenue’ issue to $25

with die proofs of the duty plates, mint, used, plate numbers and specimen.

These pages were based on Dr Wood’s collection and much of the original

(printed) write-up was retained. A sheet of notepaper and matching envelope

with the Sultan’s crest came next, followed by an 1897 Straits QV 3c postcard to a doctor in Bournemouth, mentioning that a ‘Malayan Philatelic Society had been formed in Perak’

and suggesting that ‘this was the first such society in Malaya and perhaps in the Far East’.

Some picture postcards of life and people in Perak came next.

And a cover showing the continued use of FMS stamps after the first few Perak definitive

appeared in 1935-36. Some postage due covers were included,

one showing an internal cover re-directed to the UK, and thus under-paid.

Temporary registration labels were shown, the original name deleted and the new name inserted by hand or even printed; a printed TELOK ANSON label had been corrected by overprinting TELUK.

Lastly Gordon showed a 1939 letter from the Controller of Posts, Perak

to estate managers asking that his staff should post their letter (

mainly addressed to India) early in the week, otherwise they would be delayed for several days due to the mail-boats to India leaving mid-week.

Peter Cockburn finished off the Round with four frames of BMA covers,

including a lovely Lahat hand-sta Registration label on cover and similar from Selama plus AR covers.

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A few of the 50+ pictures taken are set out below. Go to the Members Only Area for the complete set.


Gordon Peters

Probably dubious items


Peter Cockburn


Part of the viewing

Len Stanway

Dominic Morris CBE


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